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Lighthouse Approach

What we want to teach you and your team goes beyond the technical aspect. With our lighthouse approach, we involve your employees or colleagues in the transformation process. If the knowledge and understanding of the IT introduction or conversion are shared and passed on right from the start, your employees will almost automatically become cloud experts.


Thanks to our experience, expertise, and practical relevance, we can help you train, develop and promote talent. Whether it’s customized workshops, mentoring, or certification training, due to our partnership with Fastlane, we can offer various combinations of certification training, so that we accompany and support your projects and employees in a practical and optimal way.


Our AWS certification as an official Advanced Solution Partner and our cloud expertise give us the competence to react individually to the respective needs and requirements, especially when it comes to changes in your business orientation, applications or IT system. How the training offer looks in detail, from which partial aspects it is composed, we can discuss and approach at any time.

Want a customized training plan for you and your team?
We will be happy to create an individual solution for you.

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