In a nutshell:
Building a cloud architecture for the use of SaaS solutions is our core competence.

We take your data, applications and other business elements, all the workloads of your company, from the on-premises system to a custom-built IT infrastructure in the AWS Cloud.

Careful planning is essential for successful cloud migration.

To prevent this from becoming a time-consuming and cost-intensive project and unnecessarily exhausting limited resources in your company, we develop the roadmap and the basis for a secure, reliable and scalable cloud presence for your company.

If you are asking yourself “WHY?”, here are our arguments, effects, and added values that the cloud solution brings:

Die The cloud grows with your needs.

Resources are freed up & workflow optimized.

High performance
Automatic updates increase performance.

Cost efficiency
Optimal performance at lower costs.

Act on demand with more flexibility.

High data availability with optimal protection..

How that works?

How do we as AWS Cloud experts go about it?

We follow a migration path that we show you here.

1. Analysis

Where is your company now?

Assessment & Planning
Migration Readiness Assessment

First, as part of the Migration Readiness
process, we perform an analysis and assessment of your complete infrastructure, i.e., all applications, systems, processes, and infrastructure components are examined and taken into account. This analysis provides a full picture of your architecture, applications, SLAs, and potential complexities that are relevant to the migration. Only when the evaluation from the Cloud Adoption Framework is available do we provide you with an assessment report that includes proposals for action and a Statement of Work (SOW) for the migration planning phase.

2. Mobilization

What should your cloud look like?

Migration Readiness Planning

In the second step, we will work together on all organizational, process and technical aspects of your cloud model. We define project management and infrastructure basics, the services to be migrated first, set up account management (landing zone), and propose technology tools and employee training if necessary. Precisely because this is a new direction for your company, we take the lighthouse approach and involve as many employees as possible in the process, in order to bring in internal cloud specialists from the start. Once the cloud foundation for your future-proof IT infrastructure has been laid, the migration follows.

3. Migration / Adaption

Are you ready to fully exploit the potential of cloud computing?

Our solution architects support you in the migration process and ensure the smooth and data protection compliant operation (DSGVO) of your IT infrastructure in the AWS Cloud. With the activation of your cloud environment, application successes become quickly visible. In most cases, it doesn’t take long for more cloud services to be replicated and for you to pursue the cloud-native approach for your business. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with agile, scalable and always evolving applications in the cloud?!

Sebastian Golz
Head of Sales AWS & Cloud Services
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