We offer your SaaS company the design and implementation of FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) to IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).

So you can run your software in an agile, scalable, and resilient way.

Today’s customers expect fast response times and the constant availability of your products and services. With cloud-native architecture, the included modularization and loose coupling of individual components, a modern and dynamic environment is created. Resources are automatically added or removed, errors are quickly detected, so that in the best case scenario, the user of your products or services will not notice anything. If the architecture is set up correctly, it makes your IT absolutely future-proof.

Microservices, containerization, and DevOps process strategies are used within this architecture.


What makes working with Cloud-Native so special is the interaction of all parties involved. Developers (Dev) and Operations (Ops) are in constant exchange right from the start and work closely together with the help of this approach. This allows them to react quickly to the requirements of your customers and deliver optimal solutions. The constant exchange and the newly created dynamics ensure that your products – thanks to the freshly implemented architecture and automation – can be delivered quickly and continuously (Continuous Delivery).


Using cloud-native architecture, applications are created as microservices and brought together in individual Docker containers. Kubernetes is the platform that runs and orchestrates these containers. The loosely coupled system this creates, combined with process automation, gives your engineers the ability to make changes with minimal effort. Your IT becomes more resilient and manageable.


Because functions are bundled in common applications, adjustments to the entire application are more complex. In contrast, microservices are made up of many individual components, behind which there is a corresponding function that can be adapted to the circumstances at any time without having to rework the entire system. As updates and changes can be implemented quickly and in a targeted manner, the performance and flexibility of your IT are automatically increased.

Which cloud approach best fits your business needs is something we should look at in the context of your application and evaluate together in terms of cost, complexity, flexibility, speed, and security. We help you to set up the right cloud-native architecture for your company.

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Business Unit Lead AWS & Cloud Services
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