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For all companies that offer their products and services on the Internet, cloud-native architecture plays an increasingly important role. The agile and conceptual method works with architectures, designed solely for use in the cloud, with the help of which you can develop and operate all your applications completely in the cloud. The foundation of any cloud-native architecture is built on the following 7 principles: Cloud Computing, Microservices, Containerization, Scheduling and Orchestration, Clustering, Service Mesh, and CI/CD.

DevOps on AWS

The goal of the DevOps approach is for the development and operations team to better collaborate, communicate, and interact. To make this possible, we help you automate processes to build, test and deploy in the AWS Cloud and integrate CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment). Once the modern technology stack is implemented, once the processes are automated, your IT team can work agilely, creatively, productively and self-determined, and fully focus on the core product.

Training & Workshops

Investing in yourself or your employees is always a good idea. As an official AWS Advanced Solution Partner, we offer hands-on AWS workshops and training that help beginners and advanced users build or expand cloud skills. The knowledge gained can be applied immediately to fully exploit the potential of the AWS Cloud. Our courses range from basic to TCO and up to cloud architecture.



AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

AWS is the world’s leading provider of cloud services and helps companies build successful AWS-based solutions.

For us to provide you with in-depth expertise, the bar starts with ourselves. That’s why we’ve successfully built knowledge and strong expertise around Amazon Web Services within the AWS Partner Network, the global partner program for AWS. We remain motivated and excited to officially call ourselves an AWS Advanced Solution Partner.


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We see the cloud as a vibrant space that offers room for development, curiosity, countless possibilities and enthusiasm. We would like to convey this mindset and bring it into your corporate culture.

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